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We include activity concerned with cultivating, processing, preserving, storing, transporting, marketing or selling fish or fish products. PVR Aqua, a Food and Agriculture Organization as including recreational, subsistence and commercial fishing, and the harvesting, processing, and marketing sectors. Our commercial activity is aimed at the delivery of freshwater fish/sea fish and other seafood products for human consumption or as input factors in other industrial processes.

We are in below commercial fishing assistance:

  • Fish Farming– Pisciculture Under Controlled Environment.
  • Fish Marketing– We Trade In And Sale Of Freshwater Fish And Seafood.
  • Fish Products– Cultivation Of Different Types Of Fish In Pond/Cage Culture Environment.
  • Fish Processing– PVR Aqua Enlist In Processing And Delivery Of Freshwater Fish In Our Own Fish Farms And Sea Fish Products.

Seafood/sea product exports touched an all-time high of $5.78 billion in FY2017 on robust demand for frozen shrimp and frozen fish in overseas markets. The country exported 11,34,948 tonnes and the figure in the previous year was 9,45,892 tonnes, valued at $4.69 billion. While the US and South East Asia continues to be major importers, demand from the EU has also gone up substantially.

As per an estimate, currently, aqua feed consumption is around 1 million tonnes and assuming on an average 1.5 feed conversation ratios (industry standards), the demand for aqua feed comes to around 7 million tonnes by this FY 2017-18.

Frozen shrimp maintained its position as the top export item, accounting for 38.28 percent in quantity and 64.50 percent of the total earnings in dollar terms. Shrimp exports increased by 16.21 percent in terms of quantity.


Frozen fish was the second largest export item, accounting for 26.15 percent in quantity and 11.64 percent in dollar earnings.

The export of a different variety of fish for the last 3 years, is mostly of Frozen Shrimp, Frozen Fish, Frozen Cuttle Fish, Frozen Squid, Chilled Items and other fish and fish products, and these varieties have tremendous potential for export. The details of the export of marine products for the last three years including foreign exchange earnings as reported by the Marine Products Exports Development Authority (MPEDA) areas under:


Year2014-15 2015-16 2016-17(p)2017-18(p)
Quantity of Exports(in tonnes)9837561051243928647948647
Value of Exports(USD)464515460475

Traditionally, Freshwater fish has been in much demand globally but as the market opens up for freshwater fish. We have already started an innovative Plan for promoting and producing freshwater fish by fish pond/cage culture. PVR Aqua outset to establish hygienic and modern fish markets having moderate and high potential for fisheries. We are planning to the establishment of a modern wholesale market and also to start our venture. We have also prepared to start diversifying the aquaculture activity. Establishment of ornamental fresh culture units and fish cum prawn culture.

PVR Aqua pursuit hygienic and modern fish markets having a moderate and high potential for fisheries. We are planning to the establishment of the modern wholesale market all over and also to start our own venture. We are also planning to start diversifying the aquaculture activity and to the establishment of ornamental fresh culture units and fish cum prawn culture.

To achieve conservation and sustainable use of freshwater fishes and their habitats through: