In Pond Raceway System (IPRS)

The Genesis of IPRS: An Eco friendly, sustainable model and productive Aquaculture method called “In pond Raceway System” has been developed by USSEC (U.S. Soybean Export Council; formerly known as The American Soybean Association – International Marketing; (ASA-IM) jointly with the technical and scientific collaboration of Auburn University. The project has been funded by USSEC and tested thoroughly for three years before it was commercialized for entrepreneurs in China in 2013/14. Having successfully implemented 6000 farms in China, few companies successfully established IPRS version 1.0 system and organized a demonstration in India.

Because of better water quality management, system management the disease outbreak is very less when compared with the traditional culture systems. IPRS technology essentially combines the advantage of four aquaculture systems; the re-circulating systems, raceway models, cage farming and the pond aquaculture system. While the former three technologies are more of mechanical systems, combining them with the pond aquaculture brings in the advantages derived from a biological system.


The system is so efficient that the farmer can generate 80 to 110 M.T Fish productions from 1HA pond in a year with negligible effluent discharge. The farmer can also be able to manage multiple culture species and sizes at a time in the same system. With this flexibility and enhanced productivity, the economic advantages are far better than the traditional farming systems.   PVR Aqua team studied the first Indian IPRS demonstration version 0.1 thoroughly for a year with the focus on analytical, logical, operational, economic and scientific aspects. PVR Aqua team also visited and reviewed multiple IPRS technology adapted farms in china from 2014. By combining all this knowledge and experience PVR Aqua team came up with an advanced version of IPRS System, called as IPRS System.  

New Age IPRS System:

PVR AQUA has designed an advanced IPR system “IPRS System” which will enhance Aquaculture production from a given unit area by 6 to 8 times as compared to traditional farming methods, that too in a more economical and sustainable manner.

IPRS System Advantages:

1. Nearly, zero concrete and zero steel involvement in the structural design of IPRS System

 2. Three modular cell structures per one-hectare fish farming area for optimal utilization of pond carrying capacity.

 3. Flexible and low weight White-Water unit setup for easy maintenance and operation.

 4. Well designed and assembled aeration grid system for efficient aeration and flow rate generation.

5. Well synchronized blower and aeration grid system for generation of efficient aeration and flow rate at all the levels of water column. 

6. Implementation of advanced design and tools in the Quiescent Zone (Feces recovery) for efficient remover of organic effluents from the system.

7. Installation of monitoring equipment at appropriate places for optimal efficiency.  

8. Installation of water quality monitoring equipment for achieving optimal system performance.  9. Well designed fish confinement gate systems for easy cleaning, maintenance and for maintaining good flow rate. 

            Engineering and system designing experts in PVR AQUA designed a robust system with advanced operational tools incorporated into the system for efficient operations. Each component in the system is developed after critical analysis of the operational needs and years of previous experience with the system.

PVR Aqua offers following solutions:

1. IPRS System Setup & Support:

Following services and deliverables with this module:

1. 3 Raceway cells with all required components, 

2. Feces recovery system,

 3. All required and standby blowers, 

4. Standby power generator sufficient for managing the 1 HA system during power break,

 5. Baffle wall,

 6. All required aeration essentials,

 7. Electrical panels and control units,

 8. All mesh gates required to hold the fish. 

With this module, PVR Aqua will provide all the system setup for the IPRS System system. In addition to that, the client will be provided handholding support up to one cycle. PVR AQUA will provide guidance for fish farming, operation training and stocking plan. During one culture cycle, 4 to 5 visits will be made to the culture site based on the need. Experts from PVR AQUA will be providing onsite support during those visit days. Client needs to pay additional ₹ 10, 00,000.00 for this setup and support module along with the basic IPRS System setup cost.

2. IPRS System with RAS:

For specific regions with colder climatic conditions, PVR Aqua suggests an ancillary Indoor Recalculating Aquaculture System for rearing fingerlings during winter times. Establishment of this RAS along with IPRS System system will enhance the productivity of entire System. With the combination of both RAS and IPRS System one can produce a minimum of 110 M.T of Fish production from 1 HA pond in one-year culture cycle’s period. RAS System requirement and its costing depend on the total seed requirement, duration of winter time and number of culture species