We have years of experience to help you get the job done & we are here to assist you ( Culture / Capture / Marketing ) with knowledge Transfer and Hands on Experience.

Our Services are Aquaculture Project consultancy- Pond / Bio-floc / Tanks / RAS (Project Report Preparation, Project Consultancy- Capital & Operational Consultancy, Marketing Assistance , online sale etc., ), Project kick off from site selection to water body readiness to Input supply (Feed, Seed, Medicines and other consumables, ), Equipment Supply (Aerators, pumps, blowers, air diffusors etc.,), Training and Technology transfer in different sectors of Aquaculture (Fresh / Sweet water culture of species , Seed Rearing / Nursery management / Feed distribution across culture period / Harvesting , Marketing to Sale point ) .

Our Infrastructure : We have office / Seed Rearing Bank / Medicine hub / Feed Storage Godown and Culture / Grow out Fish Farm House at Village Patla , Near Modinagar ( www.pvraqua.com) , Distt-Ghazibad . We have marketing executives to meet the farmers and explain about our products. We have a technical team who will undertake the Aquaculture Operation at your place.

Our Customer base :  Our customers are located in Uttar Pradesh only where market is growing exponentially & our client base is increasing day by day .

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Key Features of Programme:-

1. Empowering fish farmers – Fisheries were neglected for long, With the implementation of this program ( Consultancy ), the PVRAQUA will help fish farmers in producing better quality and quantity that will develop the future of pisciculture.

2. Providing Technical assistance – Apart from providing information to fish farmers, PVR AQUA will also provide them Technical assistance & Knowledge Transfer sessions , So that they can install better instruments and generate more fishes as per customer / market requirement .

3. Development of fisheries – The scheme and related program will assist in the overall development of the entire fish production industry. The fish farmers will be given the training they need to bring in more profit. PVRAQUA will Assist Farmers to Get Subsidy under Blue revolution.

4. Boosting the production of fish – PVRAQUA will assist the fish farms in doubling their production. It will bring more profit in the pockets of fish producers and in the national treasury as well.

5. Doubling the fish farmers’ income – When the production and export of fish increase by three times, the people associated with this industry will be able to make a profit that is double of what they are making now.

6. Improving the market – Developing the individual fisheries will not be enough. Steps must be taken so that the fish producers get a proper market to sell their produce. Without this, the success of this scheme cannot be guaranteed.

7. Developing food security for the nation – PVRAQUA will works with farmers to ensure that the quality of fishes will be up to the mark. It will ensure high quality food for enhancing the health of people

Consultancy from PVRAQUA Culture ( End to End Services ).

• Site Selection considering all stuff (Transport, Market , Future expansion ,land size ).
• Water & Soil testing to understand parameters for Culture.
• Pond & Tank construction , Water availability resources cross check .
• Knowledge Transfer session with Qualified manpower of Aqua Industry.
• Seed Selection (Quality) Assistance.
• Feed management and growth Monitoring.
• Sampling periodically.
• Disease Monitoring and medication as per requirement.
• Technician support.
• Sales & Marketing Assistance.
• Tour & Visit depends on farm , at prior intimation and need basis.

Charges depends on Land Size & Number of tanks and Services depends on case by case. All things are captured / Documented before kick off Project.