Training Modules


  • Inland / Pond Farming
  • RAS – (Recirulatory Aquaculture System)
  • IPRS- (In- Pond Raceway System)
  • Biofloc
  • Water managements
  • Infrastructure facilities & support
  • Construction of fish Farms
  • Pond preparation
  • Pond fertilization
  • Water management & quality
  • Supplementary Feeding
  • Feeding Method
  • Fish Sampling
  • Health management
  • Harvesting

Key features of Tanning Centre

  1. Empowering fish farmers – Fisheries were neglected for long. With the implementation of this program, the PVRAQUA will help fish farmers in producing better quality and quantity that will develop the future of pisciculture.
  2. Providing Technical assistance – Apart from providing information to fish farmers, PVR AQUA will also provide them Technical assistance. So that they can install better instruments and generate more fishes.
  3. Development of fisheries – The scheme and related program will assist in the overall development of the entire fish production industry. The fish farmers will be given the training they need to bring in more profit. PVRAQUA will Assist Farmers to Get Subsidy under Blue revolution.
  4. Boosting the production of fish – PVRAQUA will assist the fish farms in doubling their production. It will bring more profit in the pockets of fish producers and in the national treasury as well.
  5. Doubling the fish farmers’ income – When the production and export of fish increase by three times, the people associated with this industry will be able to make a profit that is double of what they are making now.
  6. Improving the market – Developing individual fisheries will not be enough. Steps must be taken so that the fish producers get a proper market to sell their produce. Without this, the success of this scheme cannot be guaranteed.
  7. Developing food security for the nation – PVRAQUA will work with farmers to ensure that the quality of fishes will be up to the mark. It will ensure high-quality food for enhancing the health of people.
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