With an ambitious target to unleash the potential of the Blue Revolution by promoting growth and employment generation in inland fisheries, PVR Aqua has effectively settled itself as a standout amongst the most conspicuous wholesale fish suppliers. Sourcing the best fish accessible and steady conveyance of premium freshwater fish/sea fish, we give proficient and effective administration whilst meeting the required elevated expectations of the Food Industry.

Traditionally, Freshwater fish has been in much demand globally but as the market opens up for freshwater fish. We have already started an innovative Plan for promoting and producing freshwater fish by fish pond/cage culture. We have started to establish hygienic and modern fish markets having a moderate and high potential for fisheries. We are in process of establishment of a modern wholesale market and also to start our venture. We have also prepared to start diversifying the aquaculture activity.

Advantages of Fish Farming


Freshwater fish/Seafood is typically loaded with protein, omega-3 fish oils and other nutrients that are highly beneficial to impoverished areas. Fish farming can increase the supply of fish available for these regions, fighting malnutrition.
The aquaculture industry has created numerous jobs for people who reside in agriculture based areas where unemployment is high. It’s highly prevalent in Asia, where it provides thousands of jobs.
A farmer can integrate fish farming into their existing farm to create additional income and improve its water management and irrigation of farms.
Effective land use: effective use of marginal land e.g. land that is too poor, or too costly to drain for agriculture can be profitably devoted to fish farming provided that it is suitably prepared.
In addition to providing a source of income and employment, fish farming helps save certain fish species, such as cod, sea bass and red snapper, by reviving their populations with aquaculture.

how it works

Life Cycle of a Fish


Fish life cycles vary among species. In general, however, fish progress through the following life cycle stages