PVRAQUA Farms developed seed bank of 20 Million capacity at farm location , with vision to Provide best quality seed for In house production & deliver to Local famers for better yield . Our Target to convert 0.3 gm – 1 gm seed into 10-15 gm across the year cycle with best feed intake ( high % protein ) and world class Aeration for infants .

Benefits of Seed Rearing Bank:

1. Throughout the year seed available with Good quality ( Stress free and Assimilated to temperature , water ,Atmospheric condition to North Part of country ) which impacts better growth.

2. Farmers will take double crop in North part of country where one quarter in year calendar under winter season .
3. Quality, Quantity , Zero mortality ensures with strong Immune power of seed.
4. Perfect Nursery management , shorting , no size variation .
5. Easy transport across 3-4 hour journey stress free due to good Immunization.