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Creating an enabling environment for integrated development of the full potential of fisheries of the country, along with substantial improvement in the income status of fishers and fish farmers keeping in view the sustainability, bio-security and environmental concerns.


The restructured focused development and management of fisheries, covering inland fisheries,
As PVR AQUA we are Targeting to convert traditional farmers from agriculture to aquaculture farming and
Development of Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture.

The mission is to Cover nearby 6 dist. headquarter to trained the farmers towards the aquaculture  Under the scheme, it has been targeted to enhance the fish production from 107.95 lakh tones in 2015-16 to about 150 lakh tonnes by the end of the financial year 2019-20. It is also expected to augment earnings with a focus on increased benefit flow to the fishers and fish farmers to attain the target of doubling their income.


Project Objectives:

To Turns farmers of northern India from agriculture to fish farming/ Aquaculture.

To identify the top 5 Farmers from each village and motivate to participate in fish farming/ Aquaculture. The idea is to Train 50 Farmers every month selected from nearby Villages and Districts.

To facilitate Opportunities for self-employment for members& Farmers.

To enhance the lively hood of agriculture farmers.
To provide technical supports to fist farmers on fish culture & marketing.

A fully equipped training center with a capacity of 50 farmers in one batch.



Fish Farming Under Blue Revolution Scheme

It is essential that the central government takes necessary steps to ensure the overall development of common people. Providing financial assistance for industries and crop farmers is not enough. Fish farming is a lucrative opportunity for the nation to earn foreign exchange.  Thus, the central government has launched the Blue Revolution to give financial assistance to people associated with fish farming.

Programs under Blue Revolution:

  1. Expansion of Inland fish farms and Aquaculture – For developing any fishery unit by the construction of new tank, renovation of existing tanks and meeting other associated costs, the fishery owners will get Rs. 7 lakhs, Rs. 3.5 lakhs and Rs. 1.5 lakhs respectively. In each case, the money will be given at 40% subsidy.
  2. Expansion of Water Logged regions – Steps will be taken to develop the areas around the fishery that remain waterlogged. The expansion of these areas will enhance the performance of the fish farm. Each unit owner will get Rs. 3.00 lakh per hectare for its development. Apart from this, Rs. 1.5 lakhs per hectare will be provided for meeting other expenses. In both cases, the unit owner will get a subsidy of 40%.
  3. Aquaculture in inland alkaline and saline waters – In case the fish farmers need to construct a new tank or pond for raising the fishes, they will get a grant of Rs. 7 lakhs for every hectare. They will get a subsidy of 60% if the selling cost of each hectare is Rs. 4.20 Lakh. For meeting the expense of feed, disease controlling mechanisms, transportation, fish seeds; the unit owner will get Rs. 1.50 Lakh per hectare with the same subsidy rate.
  4. Inland capture fishery – Fish rearing units, which are operational in village ponds and lakes will be brought under the rudder as well. These units will be given a grant of Rs 1 lakh and will also get a subsidy at 60% if the selling cost of the unit is Rs. 0.6 lakhs. They will also get equipment like a boat, ice boxes, fish containers etc.


  • Fertile Land is available
  • Water required is abundant
  • Land cost is very low
  • Infrastructure facilitates are available
  • Available financial support from government &banks.
  • Construction & operational cost is low
  • Good opportunity for domestic market& High Returns



Inland / Pond Farming
RAS – (Recirulatory Aquaculture System)
IPRS- (In- Pond Raceway System)
Water managements
Infrastructure facilities & support
Construction of fish Farms
Pond preparation
Pond fertilization
Water management & quality
Supplementary Feeding
Feeding Method
Fish Sampling
Health management

Key features of Tanning Centre

  1. Empowering fish farmers – Fisheries were neglected for long. With the implementation of this program, the PVRAQUA will help fish farmers in producing better quality and quantity that will develop the future of pisciculture.
  2. Providing Technical assistance – Apart from providing information to fish farmers, PVR AQUA will also provide them Technical assistance. So that they can install better instruments and generate more fishes.
  3. Development of fisheries – The scheme and related program will assist in the overall development of the entire fish production industry. The fish farmers will be given the training they need to bring in more profit. PVRAQUA will Assist Farmers to Get Subsidy under Blue revolution.
  4. Boosting the production of fish – PVRAQUA will assist the fish farms in doubling their production. It will bring more profit in the pockets of fish producers and in the national treasury as well.
  5. Doubling the fish farmers’ income – When the production and export of fish increase by three times, the people associated with this industry will be able to make a profit that is double of what they are making now.
  6. Improving the market – Developing individual fisheries will not be enough. Steps must be taken so that the fish producers get a proper market to sell their produce. Without this, the success of this scheme cannot be guaranteed.
  7. Developing food security for the nation – PVRAQUA will work with farmers to ensure that the quality of fishes will be up to the mark. It will ensure high-quality food for enhancing the health of people.

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Training Centre:  Capacity of 50 Farmers in one Batch

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