Maintenance of water quality parameters in optimal level is critical for successful aquaculture operations.It is essential to monitor pH, dissolved oxygen( DO) and the toxic metabolites like ammonia and nitrite which are critical for survival of aquatic animals. During the culture knowing the concentration of essential minerals like calcium and magnesium in pond waters help in avoiding unnecessary application of minerals and reducing the cost of production. Different kits have been developed for detection of these parameters in aquaculture ponds and related aquatic environment. Regular monitoring of this parameter in hatcheries and grow-out farms will help in taking up immediate measures of preventing the economic loss.

Water Quality Parameters for Fish Culture
Sr. No.ParametersOptimum range
1ColourLight green
2Temperature20 – 33 °C
3Transparency20 – 35 cm
4Turbidity< 20 ppm
5pH7 – 9 (Fresh Water)
8.3- 8.7 (Brackish Water)
6Alkalinity50 – 275 ppm
7Hardness50 – 250 ppm
8Chloride31 – 50 ppm
9Dissolved Oxygen5 – 10 ppm
10Carbon Dioxide< 3 ppm
11Ammonia Nitrogen < 1 ppm
12Nitrite Nitrogen < 0.5 ppm
13Nitrate Nitrogen1 – 5 ppm
14Phosphate0.3 – 5 ppm
15Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)< 10 ppm